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About Blue Clay Berry Farm

Great Hometown Strawberries for YOU

Before berry plants stretched out across the fields of Blue Clay Berry Farm, a small herd of Holstein cattle made their home there at the Rudsinski family dairy farm for more than 40 years. The farm was owned and operated by Ralph and Virginia Rudsinski and their daughter, Ella (myself). In 2010 Ralph and Virginia decided to sell their herd of cattle in order to enjoy some well-deserved rest in retirement. I (Ella) had been pondering thoughts on prospective ways to breathe new life into the farmstead that I held so dearly. My husband, Brad Kauer, and I had been learning about fruit and vegetable production and wondered if it might be a good fit for us. In the Spring of 2013 we decided to jump in with both feet and planted 20,000 strawberry, and 700 blueberry plants! Now, the ground that was once a summer dairy cow pasture is filled with rows of plants that produce a bountiful supply of sweet summer berries. What’s the significance of the name “Blue Clay Berry Farm” you might ask? Well, we wanted a name that would speak to some of the farm’s character, and be family name neutral. Since there are natural veins of rather uncommon blue clay present in some of the subsoil areas of the farm, the name just seemed to fit.


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Growing the Best

Our goal is to provide you with the best product at a reasonable price.


Fresh from Wisconsin

Wisconsin provides an excellent environment for growing strawberries.  We take advantage of our environment to produce some of the best tasting strawberries in the world. 

Hours of Operation

Open daily- during strawberry season.

Call for hours and availability 262-745-3720.